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About Mineral Pharmacy s.r.o.

The philosophy of our company is to provide you with the optimum way to achieve strong health and a sense of energy. Try our products and you will be definitely very satisfied.

We follow the latest trends in nutrition and supplementation

We try to pursue the latest trends in nutrition and subject them to rigorous criticism. Not every brand new product – or dietary style – is proving to be the right move over the years.

We are providing nutritional advice for athletes, patients and the general population

We are able to provide lifestyle advice for a specific person – a specific situation. We are often approached by overtrained athletes, mothers on maternity leave, middle-aged people who feel burned out. Mostly just a small change in habits, better food or more rest is enough to solve the problem.

Wholesale representation

We run a wholesale with food supplements

There are plenty of dietary supplements on the market, some are excellent and some are more or less harmful. Our goal is to import and distribute quality goods, mainly from the USA, for everyone who wants to deliberately improve the quality of their lives and health.

Imported brands

Dr. Carolyn Dean – RnA ReSet, Layer Origin Nutrition, MitoSynergy, Arthur Andrew Medical, Life Extension, Quicksilver Scientific a Souce Naturals.

RnA ReSet
Layer Origin Nutrition
Arthur Andrew Medical
Life Extension
QuickSilver Scientific


Where you can buy our products

We offer you quality food supplements for better health, help in solving health problems and ways improve lifestyle. Here, you will find all our imported products and even more.


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