RnA ReSet Drops®

RnA ReSet Drops® is a liquid dietary supplement – barley extract.

RnA ReSet Drops®
RnA ReSet Drops™ - Extract from Barley
RnA ReSet Drops™ - Extract from Barley




  • Nature’s perfect nutrient
  • The RnA ReBob are a liquid barley supplement and are not gluten-free

RnA ReBob drops have been under development since June 2010 and are part of several ongoing long-term studies. Thanks to this process of research and repeated observation of the same variables over a long period of time, our confidence grows and Dr. Dean can offer her RnA ReBob product to customers from all over the world.



Packaging: 88 ml
Weight: 88 g

Dosage: 2 drops
Number of servings in package: 900

  Composition   Amount per serving % NRV*
  Barley Extract 0,49 mg

Other Ingredients: Water, Red Clover (flower), Grains of Paradise (root), Brewer‘s Yeast, Frankincense(bark), Phosphorus

*NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

RnA ReBob are a sparkling product, so please use these instructions before opening:


  1. Do not shake before opening
  2. Open the bottle over a sink or counter – let the carbonation release from the bottle.
  3. Replace the cap and then refrigerate for a few hours and begin using.

Please refrain from shaking vigorously until you´ve consumed approx 1/4 of your bottle, then the effervescence will decrease. After that, you can shake the product, it will tend to settle or change consistency. Refrigerate after opening.


Start with 1 serving (2 drops) per day and gradually increase to twice a day. Increase dosage to up 16 drops twice a day or asi directed by your health care professional. The average dose is very individual, adapt it to your own feelings. Best taken on an empty stomach. Let the drops sit under your tongue for a few minutes. As saliva builds up and dilutes the drops, you can swallow but don’t eat or drink for about 15 minutes.

We highly recommend using RnA ReBob along with our other formulas as part of Dr. Dean’s Total Body ReSet™.



  • Best if used within 60 days before opening.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • The product is made from barley, so it contains traces of gluten.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use if the packaging is damaged and contact us.
  • If you are receiving treatment, pregnant or breast-feeding, talk to your doctor before using the supplement.
  • Food supplement should not be used as a replacement for a healthy balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Store in tightly closed containers at room temperature in a dry place.